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Website Analytics

Website Analytics ServicesSeeing how your clients, users and readers interact and engage with your website content is vital to running an effective digital presence. However numerous organizations and content owners fail to use their website analytics platforms to their maximum capacity.

Are you tracking your ROI and Performance Metrics correctly?

Configuration of Google Analytics does not take your one of a kind business objectives into consideration. Information you are utilizing to make decisions may not be the best portrayal of your website’s performance.

Tracking ROI and Performance, permits you to sell more and spent less cash! Thanks to Google Analytics, you can take the correct choice based on the right information. Boost your sales and spend your cash where is worth.

Our Website Analytic services include:

As a certified Google analytics team, we have built up our own particular manner of working with Google Analytics. Our services include:

  • Set-up and implementation
  • E-Commerce Analytics
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Audit & Analysis
  • Goals & KPI definition
  • Custom Reports
  • Consulting

Our Main Analytics Solutions

  1. Analyze, evaluate and boost your business!

Today, Web Analytics are essential to measure your emarketing activities on the Internet. Whether to figure your ROI or simply which emarketing activity works, Google Analytics is a capable and free solution which brings all you need to increase your emarketing strategy.

  • Control results of your marketing strategy,
  • Measure the ROI of your emarketing activities,
  • Identify which emarketing activity works and which doesn’t.
  1. We deal with everything!

ITSupportExpress can provide you all its expertise to help you to set up totally and accurately your Google Analytics accounts and profiles. With Google Analytics, you get extensive statistics and measurements to expand the quality of your website and in the meantime the client experience.

  • Creation of Account and design your Profile,
  • Full tracking code and tag pages installation & configuration,
  • Configuration and access to full revealing elements,
  • Tracking code for Multiple domains and Mobile devices.
  1. Ask more to your information

A dashboard is a valuable tool to take effective decisions in a brief span. With our solution, we can assess your activity on the Internet at once. Because of its key performance indicators library, ITSupportExpress can manufacture you an entire dashboard which can give full information about your business performance on the Internet.

  • Adapted dashboard to your business
  • Pilot your performance
  • Take effective decisions
  • Save time in information estimations and analysis
  • Summarized and visualized information at once
  1. Visualize your data in a particular report.

We provide you custom report with data agreeing a particular view. Spare an incredible measure of time and concentrate on what truly matter. For each part of your strategy, we have the custom report you must know where to act.

  • Analyze data that truly matter
  • Save time and concentrate just on data interest you
  • Overlap information and distinguish where to act

Why choose ITSupportExpress?

There are many motivations to choose ITSupportExpress to manage and measure your performance. Among the most imperative:

  • Google Analytics Certified
  • 5 years of experience
  • Experience of Big Websites 500+ user per day
  • Experience in eCommerce Analytics
  • Stratenet knowledge Dashboards
  • All our marketing actions are measurable
  • Consulting and month to month reports
  • Proven Results

If you’d like us to dramatically improve your website, contact us for more information.



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