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Why SEO is important?

SEO is like a voice of your website. Through SEO your website is visible to many new customers who require your services. Without SEO your site visibility on the internet can be limited to users or customers known to you. With SEO you can be found by people who require your services or products through search engines. Search engines have their own Algorithm’s to scan your content and present that to users looking for that kind of stuff.  Major search engines are Google, yahoo, Bing.  SEO is directly related to customer base and sales. Good Optimized site can get you good business.

What are SEO Type’s?

SEO is analytics stuff.  It can be sub divided into two major categories On Page SEO, Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO covers your content, content quality, Content based on keyword research, Content density, Content Engagement, Content freshness.   Second part is your HTML, in this focus is Title tags, Meta description tags, Header tags and structure data.  And another important factor is architecture. Website should be designed as search engine friendly to speed up crawl process.  It is always a good practice to generate site map html as well as xml to make it simple for search engine to crawl your site.

Off Page Optimization is about building quality links back to your website, more the back links from different sources you have more the chance to improve your search engine ranking. Social media presence can also boost your site online visibility. Your account on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can generate traffic back to your site. It also built trust about your company or products as you can attract followers and likes on different social media sites. This can multiply your reach as your visitors increase.

These days Search engines and SEO is on very advance levels. Search engines are tracking users and presenting data on the basis of Country, Location, Language, Searching history and Social connections. Considering all these factors SEO also need to be based on all these important factors.

How ITSupportExpress can do SEO for you?

We build your websites considering all the factors explained above. We do detailed analysis and generate reports to work on different factors required for SEO. We keep updating ourselves everyday to new techniques and processes for SEO as per changing requirements. SEO is very time consuming analytical task requires lot of skills, patience and hard work. Fortunately we have all these capabilities to handle your SEO to yield good results for your business.

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