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Website Hosting

Choosing Website hosting plan as per your needs is very important component in the website building process. Website hosting looks simple step but there are factors which are hardly considered by hosting service buyers or revealed by hosting service providers.

Website hosting plan is directly proportional to size of website and expected users on website. These are two major factors needs to be taken care in hosting selection process. (space & bandwidth)

Why choosing right website hosting plan is so important?

When you host your website with any service provider, they give you space, bandwidth and database connection limit as per your plan. Basic plans are very limited, like 20 users allowed to view your website in any given second and same kind of connection allowed from website to database to retrieve information if website is dynamic.  So when you introduce your website to your customers and general public. If numbers of users HIT increase 20 in any given second, 21st user will get connection timeout or connection reset message.  Make sense?  Hence, It is very important choose right plan as per your expected user base.

ITSupportExpress is here to help you!
  1. We do all calculation for web hosting needs and recommend you best plan and best service provider.
  2. We take care of your hosting account on day to day basis and interact with your service provider for all your needs.
  3. Our service charges are very affordable (no hidden commission, no tie up with different service providers) our recommendations are 100% based on your hosting requirement.

Work with us, you will know the difference!

Our on-demand Secure web-hosting service features:
  1. We use industry standards to secure your website from hacking, malware attacks, viruses!
  2. Every website enjoys good resources to perform well to cater any number of customers always!
  3. Dedicated account manager for support!
  4. SSL certicicate and site lock feature available on demand!
  5. Point blank recovery in-case of any issue with website or server!
  6. Regular Backups for extra protection!
  7. Security updates to keep website safe and secure!
  8. Hot standby option available for business critical websites!
  9. Active Active websites around the globe hosting available for mission critical websites!

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